Welcome to Compressed Air Products!


Our mission in creating a reliable and experienced Compressed Air Company has been non negotiable and steadfast and has served our clientele well for almost 30 years.


It is a well known fact that superior service creates superior quality, value for money and moreover, successful clients.


Our dedication to our product lines is all encompassing and up to date, ensuring the latest design in manufacture and operation, including safety, quality and proud workmanship.


From humble beginnings we strive to improve, being fully aware of our clients’ requirements and eagerly optimising our maintenance, service and spares availability, using the latest available technology.


Our product range can never be complete but has the driving force of dedicated personnel and endeavours to meet all of our industry’s exacting standards in quality, price and availability.

Our Team

Compressed Air Products employs people with skills, knowledge and passion. This has proven to be the driving force behind this company’s success and growth through the years.