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Our mission in creating a reliable and experienced Compressed Air Company has been non-negotiable and steadfast and has served our clientele well for almost 30 years.

Most popular makes of Compressors are included in our range of Service Spares and Maintenance Schedules.
Our Compressor Range is complete with unsurpassed Quality, backed up by Service and Maintenance Contracts to provide you with hours of Serviceability and Minimum Downtime.
Air Treatment, including Air/Water Separators, Compressed Air Filtration, Aftercoolers and Condensate Separators is an all important facet of our Standard Stock Holding.
Compressor Components, including Safety Valves, all Mechanical Components, Electric Motors etc. are of exceptional quality and Price.
Condensate Drain Valves are an all important element in the Compressed Air Industry. Our product range is complete with Mechanical and Electric Units making up our vast range of products.
Huge array of Service Spares is comprehensive, including Availabilty, Serviceability and non compromising Quality. Air Intake Filters, Oil Filters, Separators and Service Spares, including genuine Replacement Spares are available for most makes of Compressors, Hydravane, Screw and Piston alike.
Pressure Switches for all Applications are Standard Product Inventory at all times
Flanged Check Valves
Reciprocating Compressor Check Valve
Reciprocating Compressor Check Vale
Safety Check Valves (Anti Hose Whip)

Our range of Non Return Valves is vast and comprehensive, encompassing Compressed Air, Water, Oil or Gas

Flanged Check Valves


Air Compressors up to 250kw Compressor Service Spares for most makes of Compressors Compressor Lubricants Service, Service Contracts and Maintenance of all popular Compressors, Including: Ingersoll-Rand, Compair, Atlas Copco, Fini….etc. Compressed Air Filtration and Treatment In-Line Compressed Air Filter Elements for most brands of filter assemblies. Air/Water condensate separation and drainage. Compressed Air Receivers up to 8000 Litres. Safety Valves from 8mm to 50mm, up to 2500kPa Installation of Compressed Air Reticulation Systems


Compressed Air Products offer the Complete Solution